Lilia Popgantcheva

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Lilia is a sports psychologist specialized in mental game coaching.

She is coaching children and young adults at the Tennis Academy Maleeva training to become professional athletes in learning to control their mind and psyche, to be confident, stay focused while competing, reduce stress and no matter what- finish each fight strong!

Athletes just like competing artists, musicians, people fighting chronic diseases have now and then hard times to overcome fatigue, disappointments, fear and to continue with their strict daily regime- with Lilia’s know how and methods everybody can overcome the low and stay balanced and strong.



65 seconds Lilia


My passion is helping people unlock their strengths and learn how to use and consciously direct their energy. My passion is kite surfing, mountain climbing and art. My passion are my children … and your children.

I am inspired by strength, kindness and courage.

When I am down I go in the nature, help someone with something in order to feel useful and connected, express gratitude, exert myself physically in a sport activity preferably with adrenaline and in the nature, read poetry, kiss and hug and greet the sunrise.

I don’t think about fear as a constant, but a changing challenge which only points in the direction of your next lesson. When I feel fear I breathe deeply, slow down, look away and back, think about our universe, hitchhike through the galaxy in my mind and breathe again.

Winning is learning.

To the people fighting CF, I wish to say – use your special condition as a competitive advantage. It is a life or death decision for you to learn many techniques that are part of other people’s program for spiritual, intellectual and physical development. Many don’t do it. You have to do it in order to survive. Don’t stop there – use the same techniques in order to live great, get ahead and reach your wildest dreams. I know you can.