Chef Kiko Martins

Chef Kiko Martins
O Asiatico/ Francisco Rivotti


Ready to “Eat the World”- Let’s roll with Chef Kiko!


Chef Kiko Martins is one of Portugal’s most renowned chefs.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Chef Kiko returned to Portugal at the age of 11 and brought with him a passion for long family barbecues. To prove that it is through food that relations are founded he undertook 2010 a huge voyage around the world- in his 2011 released book “Eat the World” he shares his experiences sitting at the table of local families and exploring the secret of local specialties.

Kiko Martins was elected Chef of the Year in 2015 by Time Out Lisboa and in 2016 he was awarded the prestigious “Prix au Chef de l'Avenir”/ “Award to the Chef of the Future” by the International Academy Of Gastronomy. 

2016 also brought the fulfillment of a major project inspired by his trip through the Asian continent: the opening of the restaurant “O Asiático”. In 2017, Chef Kiko opened the new restaurant “O Surf & Turf” and launched his new book: A Cevicheria.

In addition to being the Chef de cuisine, he performs on TV programs like Chef'sAcademy and Chef's Academy Kids.


65 seconds Chef Kiko

My passion is making people happier in different ways. Through the mouth using food and it’s flavors and the attention that I can give to the people that I love.

The biggest fight of my life is against the helplessness that I feel before so much inequalities and unfairness. This feeling forced me to do some volunteering work with homeless people and try to help with anything to get this people’s life a little bit better.

I am inspired by all the good people that offer much more than they have. By the people who think out of the box and do amazing things. And surely, by my wife, kids and friends.

When I am down I run or go for a walk to put things in perspective. Watch a movie it’s a good option too.

I fear to not have enough time to share with the ones I love or can’t do all that I am proposing to.

Winning is see the people besides me evolving and growing up.

To the people fighting CF I want to give my thumbs up and express my admiration for them, because they are such big fighters and a real examples for anyone. You are my heroes!