Chef Albert Adrià

photo: Alebert Adria/ Restaurant 'Enigma', source: author/ el Periodico
Ferran and Alebert Adria / Xavier Bertral


Albert Adrià- the Rock Star of modern haute cuisine.


Chef Albert Adrià is the ‘visionary enfant terrible’ of modern haut cuisine recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 13 most influential people in the world of gastronomy and food!

As his driving forces, Albert names hard work, love, curiosity and the creativity born out of fear.

Introduced to the culinary science by his brother Ferran Adrià, the inventor of “molecular” or “deconstructivist” cuisine, the Spanish Chef Albert Adrià continues the family tradition of wild innovation at a handful of new Barcelona restaurants.

The pastry genius behind some of the iconic dishes of the legendary restaurant ‘el Bulli’ is constantly driven by his restless will to reinvent the world of food and cuisine.

Chef Albert Adrià has published books, directed an award-winning documentary, created experimental food workshops, started culinary projects, opened restaurants, bars and collected countless awards and stars. On his journey he loves to work in creative alliances with friends and colleagues.

Albert’s current enterprise is el Barri, as a global gastronomy project targeted at “reinventing the way we go to restaurants” in a collaboration with Ferran Adria and the Iglesias brothers.

Albert has constructed a growing visionary and sophisticated culinary empire comprising the tapas restaurant TICKETS the Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant PAKTA’, the vermuteria ‘Bodega 1900’, the Mexican restaurants Hoja Santa’ &Nino Viejo’ and his newest conceptual project- ‘ENIGMA’, opened in January 2017 in Barcelona.


65 seconds Albert Adrià

My passion is my work.

The biggest fight of my life is to build my dream together with my team.

I am inspired by all aspects of life itself.

When I am down I also cry.

I fear intolerance.

Winning is feeling peacefully.

To the people fighting CF I say that tomorrow, I can be part of the community.